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‘Guest Post: Donít Give Up! by Julie Shackman’

Author of 'Rock My World'

Guest Post: Donít Give Up! by Julie Shackman

It was November 2013 and I had just received yet another rejection for my debut contemporary romance novel "Rock My World". There was positive comments contained in the publishers e-mail but ultimately, it was another "Not for us thanks." I'd been firing it out to agents and publishers for months and although I had received some great feedback, there was no offer of representation or publication.


‘Guest Post: Getting That Book Out There by Emma Bennet’

Author of 'The Green Hills of Home'

Guest Post: Getting That Book Out There by Emma Bennet

'The Green Hills of Home' is a sweet, traditional romance: '50 Shades of Grey' it isn't! The story is timeless: modern and up-to-date, whilst still maintaining an old-fashioned sensibility. I wanted to create a story of which I was proud, and something which was appealing to anyone who loves a good ol' romance!


‘Jinx's Magic’

by Sage Blackwood

Jinx's Magic

In this volume, there is an evil magician called The Bonemaster. He was imprisoned, but the enchantments on his cell are starting to break. Simon sets off to find some other wizards to help him to strengthen the enchantments. Meanwhile, Jinx and his friends Reven and Elfwyn go off to reclaim a kingdom of which Reven's the rightful king. But a curse has been put on Elfwyn and Reven which means Reven can't say he's the heir to the kingdom and Elfwyn can't tell lies. When things start to go wrong, Jinx is sent to learn more powerful magic, but will be strong enough to help this friends.


‘The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Cafe’

by Mary Simses

The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Cafe

When engaged New York lawyer Ellen Branford's beloved grandmother dies, she sets off to Beacon, Maine, her grandmother's hometown, to fulfil her last wish: that a letter she wrote to her first love be delivered. Only planning to be gone for a day, Ellen creates quite a stir when she ends up being rescued from drowning by local carpenter Roy Cummings, and suddenly Ellen seems to be finding more and more reasons to stay around Beacon and ignoring her forthcoming wedding.


‘Driving Home For Christmas’

by Emma Hannigan

Driving Home For Christmas

I was immediately captivated by Huntersford House itself, and could understand why the family were so anxious to find a way to keep it. Of course these anxieities are compounded by the holiday season, yet the story remains extremely festive and full of good cheer.

‘Guest Post: People of Elemental’

by Brigid Kemmerer

Guest Post: People of Elemental

Brigid Kemmerer is the author of the Elemental series, which follows the adventures of a group of people who have a higher connection to the elements and are hunted because of their powers. Here Kemmerer gives a little insight into her cast of characters.


‘Guest Post: The Trouble with Continuity...’

by Savannah Lotz (one half of the writing duo Lily Herne)

Guest Post: The Trouble with Continuity...

Continuity is not just about character arcs, settings can also become a thorny issue. In Death of a Saint, the Mall Rats leave Cape Town and head to Johannesburg, hoping to find other survivors in that city. We made a point of making certain routes impassable and basically making it as hard as possible for them to reach their goal, which was terrific fun to write. This was all very well, until the time came to write their journey back to Cape Town. We've had to come up with some pretty creative solutions to get them around the seemingly insurmountable obstacles they faced en route to Joburg.


‘Guest Post: How to write a bestseller (and then another...)’

by Ian Skillicorn

Guest Post: How to write a bestseller (and then another...)

For over forty years, Catherine Gaskin wrote gripping novels which were read all over the world. Her books were so popular that she was called the "Queen of Storytellers". It's a fair description given that each of her 21 novels was a bestseller, with total sales exceeding 40 million copies! Whether she was writing about the present day or some time in the past, Catherine always created stories and people that the reader would really care about. This winning formula also led to her being known as "The Girl with the Golden Pen". But what was the secret of her success? How did Catherine manage to write one bestseller after another, over five decades?