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by Ruby Tandoh


I was thrilled when this absolutely beautiful book turned up on my doorstep for me to review. With four hungry boys, I bake a lot! I've also recently become a Bake Off fan, I didn't see the series Ruby appeared in, but I heard about her frequent tears! Divided into eight sections, Ruby covers a huge variety of baking techniques and flavours. Each chapter's recipes become progressively more complicated and are interspersed with lots of extremely valuable hints and plenty of advice - if you listen to Ruby, you need never have another soggy bottom!


‘The Bookshop Book’

by Jen Campbell

The Bookshop Book

'The Bookshop Book' is a lovely work, encompassing a huge number of stories and anecdotes from beautiful, weird and wonderful bookshops around the world. My poor, long-suffering husband must have had at least half of this book read out to him whilst he valiantly attempted to enjoy a book of his own! Being local to the famous book town Hay-on-Wye, I especially enjoyed the section of the book dedicated to it. Another favourite was the chapter regarding Shakespeare & Company in Paris, the history of which was fascinating.


‘Guest Post: Excerpt From 'One Day This Will All Make Sense' by Katie Jansson Shahin’

Guest Post: Excerpt From 'One Day This Will All Make Sense' by Katie Jansson Shahin

Not one day had passed since I had moved to LA two and half years earlier when I wasn’t grateful and aware of what city I was in. Not one morning had passed that I had driven to work, which was usually around six forty-five a.m., when my mind hadn’t gone completely quiet and at ease at the sight of Vine Street, coming off of the 101 South. I knew I was fortunate. Many young people in Sweden dreamed of moving to LA and tried so hard to find ways to stay once they made it here on a student visa. For the most part, people either got married or never found a way to stay. I, on the other hand, had been lucky. My dad had moved to the US almost twenty years earlier and since he’d become a naturalized citizen before I turned twenty-one, I had gotten a green card through him. I continued down Vine Street and saw the W Hotel sign up in the sky, and a few blocks farther down I passed the bright red building that housed The Redbury hotel, with the world famous Capitol Records Building on my right side.


‘The Chateau on the Lake’

by Charlotte Betts

The Chateau on the Lake

When teacher Madeleine Moreau finds herself suddenly orphaned, she leaves London and travels to France to find her father's family. The trip couldn't have come at a better time for Madeleine's best friend Sophie who joins her when suddenly finds she needs to flee England. With France on the brink of war, Madeleine's friend, the Comte Etienne d'Aubery, insists upon accompanying the women and shelters them at his country house, Chateau Mirabelle. However, though beautiful, it seems that not even Chateau Mirabelle is safe in these troubled times, and Madeleine will have to be very careful who she befriends there.


‘The Stall of Second Chances’

by Dana Bate

The Stall of Second Chances

When Sydney Strauss is made redundant she longs to fulfil to her dream of becoming a food journalist, but ends up doing shifts on the Wild Yeast Bakery's stall at a local farmers' market to make ends meet. Things start to look up when the market's newsletter which she writes for attracts the interest of a newspaper editor, but just what will Sydney have to sacrifice to get the job she's always wanted? And will it be worth it?


‘Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero’

by Rick Riordan

Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

This is the first instalment in the new series by Rick Riordan featuring his famous character, Percy Jackson, a teenager whose half-god and lives in modern day Manhattan. In the book Percy Jackson has gone missing and his friends are looking for him. The goddess Gaia is coming back with the giants to take over Olympus. Three new heroes must rise to fight the giants! These heroes are Jason, Piper and Leo, some students from a local school who get mixed up in the adventure.


‘Winter Tales – Stories to Warm Your Heart’

by 'The Write Romantics'

Winter Tales – Stories to Warm Your Heart

Who are The Write Romantics? We’re a group of ten writers who met online through The Romantic Novelists’ Association’s (RNA’s) New Writer’s Scheme (NWS). At the start of 2014, only one of the group had a publishing deal but 2014 has been an incredible year for the group with seven of the remaining nine securing a publishing deal and another securing an agent. We’re hoping to end the year with a full house.


‘The Mysterious Miss Mayhew’

by Hazel Osmond

The Mysterious Miss Mayhew

Local magazine editor Tom is doing his best to hold down his job, bring up his little girl and deal with his mad family and estranged wife. What he really doesn't need in his life is any more complications. Then Fran Mayhew turns up - seemingly completely tactless, far too young for him, prone to crawling around graveyards, and, he soon realises, completely irresistible. But Fran has a few skeletons in his closet which Tom is completely unprepared for.