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"The greatest gift is a passion for reading" - Elizabeth Hardwick

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‘Guest Post: 'Anne of a Thousand Rejections' by Kevin Postupack’

Author of 'Tales of Insomnia, Despair and the Perfect Cocktail'.

Guest Post: 'Anne of a Thousand Rejections' by Kevin Postupack

THE FIRST REJECTION WAS EXCITING, she thought to herself. Here it was after all, written proof that she had sent a part of her soul out there into the world. Granted, it came back in a less than auspicious way. Her query letter returned intact with the words no thanks hand-scrawled in its upper margin. No matter. She had overcome her fear. She had sent something out. She had risked contact with the outside world and her soul was still in one piece! And besides, no one ever struck gold on the first try! This was the way it was for all serious artists, the dues that it was her turn to pay. In a way it was fun. She imagined herself Queen Isabella sending her fleet of ships off into the ocean, towards the end of all known maps to that place where the dragons dwell. Each week she would see them off into the mail slot marked out of town at the local post office, and a week or two later she would begin to scan the horizon for any sign of their return.


‘The Honeymoon Hotel’

by Hester Browne

The Honeymoon Hotel

I love Hester Browne's gentle and romantic tales. Their settings are always so gorgeous and she describes them just beautifully. 'The Honeymoon Hotel' was certainly no exception to this rule. Set in the fabulous Bonneville Hotel, Browne lets her imagination run riot with the wonderful decor and the weddings being held there. I imagine she had a wonderful time researching for this novel!


‘Death of an Avid Reader’

by Frances Brody

Death of an Avid Reader

Set in and around Leeds in the 1920s, this story follows the escapades of Kate Shackleton, a female private detective. In this adventure, Kate is hired by Lady Coultard to find her long-lost daughter, but Kate's attention is divided when the body of mathematican Horatio Potter is discovered in the basement of her local library. As Kate investigates, sure an innocent man has been framed for Potter's murder, she begins to wonder whether the two cases she's working on could be connected.


‘Guest Post: 'Romantic at Heart' by Alice Peterson’

Author of 'One Step Closer To You'

Guest Post: 'Romantic at Heart' by Alice Peterson

My writing always does tackle a theme, addiction is the latest in One Step Closer To You but its always the romance that drives my story forward. I love creating two characters, giving them as many obstacles as I can to stop them from getting together, putting spanners in the works when you least expect it and lets throw in a sudden and terrible misunderstanding that threatens to tear everything apart... (such fun Im so mean) ...but you can usually count on me that things always turn out all right in the end.


‘An Interview With Jessica Walsh and Briana Lawrence’

Authors of 'Seeking the Storyteller'

An Interview With Jessica Walsh and Briana Lawrence

Ive been writing for so long, since I was a kid using crayons and construction paper. Its pretty much something Ive always wanted to do. I went through a period of wanting to be a doctor, after I lost my older brother in a car accident, but even then I was writing in notebooks or writing fanfiction. Writings has, and always will be, a big part of my life.


‘An Interview with Thom Stark’

Author of 'American Sulla'

An Interview with Thom Stark

Writing is not so much something I always wanted to do as it is a career I was never going to be able to avoid. I tried, so help me. I really did. I spent decades working as everything from a carnival roustabout to a videotape editor to an aspiring rock star. But, eventually, fate caught up with me, when the editor of LAN Times Magazine offered me the chance to write the first computer industry magazine column dedicated exclusively to all things Internet. I went on to spend the next seven years as a computer journalist, and, by the time my market disappeared in the dotcom implosion of 2002, my transformation into a full-time writer was complete.


‘The Marriage Mender’

by Linda Green

The Marriage Mender

As a relationship counsellor, everyone assumes Alison would have it sorted when it comes to her own home life, but this is proving to be far from the case. When her husband's ex turns up and threatens to break up her family, Alison discovers that she doesn't seem to have the skills to mend her own marriage. What can she possibly do to put things right for them all?


‘The Percy Jackson Series ’

by Rick Riordan

The Percy Jackson Series

My favourite book in the series is 'The Last Olympian'. This is my favourite because it is when Kronos attacks Manhatten and tries to kill the Gods. My favourite character is Percy Jackson because he is so cool, and he is good at sword play. I'd give these books 5 stars because they are cool, exciting and completely action packed!